Saturday, 1 July 2017

Ways to Go About Choosing Your Plantation Shutters

Decorating with Plantation Shutters will add elegance, beauty and style to your home. Plantation shutters can be fully closed to darken a room or open to allow any degree of light. They can be used on windows and doors in any type of dwelling - contemporary or traditional, hotels, cottages. The shutters will fit a curved window, windows in the shape of odd or French doors. Plantation shutters are made of wood or a PVC resin material. They are easy to clean and versatile throughout your home. But it should be tailor made to fit the openings you want to install it in and for that you need to look for a good plantation shutter company.

Choose your style and colour

Wooden shutters can be painted or dyed to match your custom interior. PVC shutters will come in a few colours. White shutters give a clean look to the kitchen windows while a wooden colour spot looks great in an office or den. You can decide to finish the wooden shutters yourself. Start small with just a few shutters to finish. The shutters are always sprayed not brushed. If you find that you were able to handle the retouching flaps as the expansion to the rest of the house. If you prefer your shutters can come finished and that will save you a lot of work or you can always delegate all this work to a plantation shutter company.

Choose your material

Plantation shutters are made from wood or PVC material. The advantage of using wooden shutters is that you can paint any colour. Plantation shutters that are made from a PVC resin do come in several colours. PVC plantation Shutters are harder than wood and they resist scratches better and have less damage. The advantage of having Plantation PVC Shutters is that they will not warp, chip and they will not inflate due to moisture.

Measure for Custom Made

The shutters are custom made to fit your windows. It is best to have a professional from a plantation shutter company to have your panels measured and install your shutters. The responsibility of the correct measurements goes to the person who takes the measures. If the professional makes a mistake, they will correct it for free. Many times a pattern will have to be made for oddly shaped windows.

Installing Your Shutters

Work with a professional from a plantation shutter company to select, measure and install your blinds. Many local plantation shutter company or an interior design studio offer you all the services you need to choose the best Plantation Shutters for your home.

Blinds or Curtains? We Make It Simple by Addressing All the Ways Blinds Can Be Used

The primary purpose of current window coverings is to preserve privacy and ensure sun protection without creating a sense of confinement. Blinds or curtains: how to dress windows? Forget the drapes, the rustling valances, and the superposition of fabrics which conceal a good part of the windows and which darken the interior of the houses. Today, the options of having window blinds in London are much simpler. Without making a mistake, one can even say that the practical side outweighs the decorative aspect.

Blinds to completely darken the bedroom

Yes, it exists and it resides in the techno fabrics commonly called "Black Out" fabrics. Used as a lining for curtains and canvas roller blinds, they make the room totally black, putting an end to the problems of those that the slightest glow awakens or prevents sleep.

What to do for kitchen windows?

Simplicity, here is the keyword in a kitchen. Avoid curtains: because of cooking, they will get dirty quickly and you will have to wash them often and then ... iron. Why complicate your life? Above the sink, opt instead for a roller blind in textured canvas that you raise or lower if necessary and which, even lowered, will let the light pass according to its degree of opacity.

Ideas for living room facing the street

The idea is to let the light enter during the day and to protect the privacy of the occupants in the evening when the lights are on. The Silhouette blind available in stores of window blinds in London can be a solution. This kind of hybrid, composed of a blind with horizontal or vertical lamellae inserted in a more or less opaque "envelope", combines aesthetics and functionality. The slats make it possible to modulate the light, and it is even possible to completely clear the window if desired. Simply reassemble the blind (horizontal slats) or slide it to the side (vertical slats).

Ideas for French windows

This type of door has two characteristics: the surface is important, and it is a place of passage that gives access to a balcony, a terrace, a garden. Therefore, the layout must be both aesthetic and practical. It must be borne in mind that the passage through the outside must be accessed with ease. A first option: the curtains. In this case, make sure you have the clearance necessary to fully release the glass surface when you open them (otherwise you will obscure the room). A second option: to cover the window of two roller blinds in fabric more or less opaque. Why two? It is more convenient. If necessary, this allows only the part that gives access to the outside.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Have You Made The Right Choice In Wooden Blinds?

Wooden blinds are a nice addition to any home, condo, town home or apartment. They are a versatile window treatment and your choices are limited only by the constraints of your colour palette and decorative style. Wooden blinds in Essex are easy to find in home improvement stores, and these stores also offer a special large blind program order that will allow you to customize the wooden blinds precisely to your taste and style. Many window treatment companies offer wood blinds in many colours and types of wood. The benefits of wooden blinds are many.

Wooden blinds in Essex are relatively low maintenance. They need to be cleaned periodically, like all blinds, but they clean more easily than imitation wooden blinds. And before cleaning them, they tend to hide dirt more effectively, as they are usually available in darker colours. They are also available in a white lacquered finish however, and these show the dirt easily. Because they are finished with a clear wood sealer, dirt and dust do not get trapped in the pores as they do in imitation wooden blinds.

There are many types of wood that are manufactured for blinds. These include bass wood, oak, maple, chestnut, walnut, pine, pecan and mahogany. Once finished, each type of wood takes a distinctive colour, quality and flair. The grain patterns are very different and absorb dye colours to varying degrees. Each lath on each store shows its unique features, meaning that two wooden blinds will never be the same. When customizing wooden blinds for your home, rest assured that no one will ever have a similar blind search. Your wooden blinds in Essex will be unique in terms of style.

The Cost of Having Good Taste in Wooden Shutters!

An all time classic, metropolitan and overseas buildings, the wooden shutter continues to seduce by its inimitable charm and the numerous advantages it offers (aesthetics, insulation, robustness, etc.) but no product is perfect: flaps In wood also have some disadvantages (maintenance, price, comfort). Let’s take a quick overview of the benefits and some drawback of having wooden shutters in London.

Wooden shutters: the advantages

The first of the benefits of wooden shutters in London is their price: more expensive than PVC shutters, they are nonetheless cheaper than aluminium shutters. It is to be noted also that while offering better insulation than PVC (therefore inevitably aluminium) and a great diversity of shapes. Wood allows realizing absolutely all types of flaps possible and imaginable: folding, sliding, rolling, Nice, Provencal, Creole, and Parisian, etc. There is no limit but your imagination!

The insulating nature of the wood makes it an excellent protection against heat in summer, while its robustness of the shutter's fastening and closing systems make it an excellent reinforced protection against break-ins (especially since, It is possible to add reinforcement bars). Finally, the wooden shutters obviously offer a warm and classic aesthetic with the option of opting for the colour of finish of his choice.

Wooden shutters: the disadvantages

Firstly, it should be noted that, apart from rolling models, wooden shutters cannot be controlled from the inside. You must open the window to close or open them. You cannot have everything: the aesthetics and the diversity of styles with comfort!

But above all, the great disadvantage of wooden shutters in London is the obligatory maintenance, which is relatively restrictive. Indeed, the wooden shutters must be maintained every 5 years minimum, or even every 2 years for the wooden shutters exposed full south and full west. But with all the professional help available, you can definitely count that out as a disadvantage and put it in the list of expenses which comes with good taste!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Origin and Functions of Plantation Window Shutters

When the Europeans settled in the south America and the Caribbean, they realised that the shutters used in these countries to protect the interior from the sun and the dust are actually well suited to protect their home back in what we now call the USA. Plantation window shutters describe a wooden, louvered blinds which are installed on the windows. The slats are adjustable and they can be adjusted to allow the right amount of light and heat. As there is no glass used in these shutters, they allow the natural air flow when needed and keep the interior well ventilated.

Plantation window shutters cover the whole length and width of the window. An alternate type if the cafe style where a clear access to the outside is kept either above or below the shutters. The centre of these shutters has a rod to adjust the louvre openings. Hinges hold the shutters to the frame and these shutters can swing open completely to give access to the outside. Sometimes, hinges are added at the fold points so that horizontal adjustments become possible. There are some shutters which are split at the middle and either the top or the bottom section can be swung open or close, individually.

While it was traditionally made from wood, nowadays, the plantation shutters are made from different materials. Fresh or recycled composite vinyl, fibreboard and imported woods are often used by the manufacturers. The louvres can have different sizes as well.